By Laws




The name of the Association is the : MORADABAD BRANCH OF INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Uttar Pradesh State , hereinafter called the Moradabad Branch of IMA.


The Registered Office of the Association shall be in the IMA Bhawan,near court road,civil lines,Moradabad City of UP , whose title is in the name of IMA,MORADABAD BRANCH.


The Objects of the Association are to promote and advance the objects of the Indian Medical Association Headquarters, New Delhi within Uttar Pradesh, which are:

To promote and advance medical and Allied Sciences in all their different Branches and to promote the improvement of Public Health and Medical Education in India.

To maintain the honour and dignity and to uphold the interest of the medical profession and to promote cooperation amongst the members thereof.

To work for the abolition of compartmentalization in medical education, medical service and registration in the country and thus to achieve equality among all the members of the profession.


For the attainment and furtherance of these objects the Association may:-

Hold periodical meetings and conferences of the members of the association and the Medical profession in general.

Arrange from time to time congresses, conferences, lectures, discussions and demonstrations on any aspect of the medical and allied sciences.

Publish and circulate a journal, which shall be the official organ of the association of a character specially adapted to the needs of the medical profession in India and which shall undertake publicity and propaganda work of the association through its columns and publish other literature, in accordance with objects of the association.

Maintain a library and an association office.

Publish from time to time transaction and other papers embodying medical researches conducted by the members or under the auspices of the association.

Encourage research in medical and allied sciences with grants out of the funds of the association by the establishment of scholarships, prizes or rewards and in such other manner as may form time to time be determined upon by the association.

Conduct educational campaign among the people of India in the matter of Public Health and Sanitation by co-operating whenever necessary with different public bodies working with the same object.

Organise medical camps for providing medical relief during epidemics and in times of emergency.

Consider and express its views on all questions and laws of India or proposed legislation affecting public health, the medical profession and medical education and initiate or watch over or take such steps and adopt such measures from time to time regarding the same as may be deemed expedient or necessary.

Purchase take lease of or otherwise acquire, hold, manage, let, sell, exchange, mortgage or otherwise dispose of movable or immovable property of every description and all rights or privileges, necessary or convenient for the purpose of the association and in particular any land, building, furniture, household or other effects, utensils, books, newspapers, periodicals, instruments, fittings, appliances and apparatus, conveyance and accommodation and when deemed necessary or desirable in the interest of the association, sell, demise, let, hire out, mortgage, transfer or otherwise dispose of the same.

Erect, maintain, improve or alter and keep in repair any buildings for the purpose of the association.

Borrow or raise money in such manner as the association may think fit and collect subscription and donations for the purpose of the association.

Invest any money of the association not immediately required for any of its objects in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the association.

Assist, subscribe to or co-operate or affiliate or be affiliated to or amalgamate with any other public body whether incorporated, registered or not and having altogether or in part objects similar to those of the association.

Create or assist in creating branches for any of the purpose aforesaid.

Do all such things as are cognate to the objects of the association or incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.

Do all such things as are cognate to the objects of the association or incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.

To represent the association to the govt./other local bodies to safeguard the interest/safety of the members.


The association shall consist of members whose names are on the register of the members of the association at the time when these revised rules and Byelaws come into operation and of subsequent members who shall be those persons who being eligible shall after the date of adoption of these revised rules and Byelaws of the association be duly elected in such manner and upon such conditions as may be prescribed from time to time by the Indian Medical Association.
Register of Members
There shall be a register in which the names of all members of the association shall be entered with their qualifications and addresses and their contact details.
Eligibility for Membership
Any person possessing medical qualifications as defined in the Indian Medical Degree Act 1916 (Act VII of 1916) and duly registered under the Indian Medical council Act, as amended from time to time, in any one of the State Medical Councils in India, will be eligible for membership.
Classification of Membership

There will be following categories of members:

Life-members:single/couple members. After paying life membership to the ima hq,they have to pay only branch subscription annually.they will not have to pay hfc yearly.

Ordinary members:single/couple.they will pay the annual subscription and hfc yearly.

Associate members:single/couple.Regular members of another IMA branch,who wish to join our branch as associate member,will have all privileges of membership except voting right and right to hold any post in the office , they will pay all charges of the branch except hfc.

Special members:the branch will have power to nominate the members for allied branches ,ie. BDS , MDS, as special member at local level.They will pay the annual subscription yearly except hfc.They will not have any voting right and can neither contest nor propose for any post in executive committee.

Honorary members: The branch will have right to nominate the honorary membership to those members who have crossed 70 years of the age and had been the regular member of local branch for at least 20 years and are life member of IMA.They will not need to pay local annual subscription of the branch.They will have the right to enjoy the privileges of membership of the branch and will have voting right and can either contest or propose for any post in executive committee.

Intern member:those who have passed out M.B.B.S and have not got degree,can be eligible for intern membership of the branch by paying local subscription fee annually.They will have right to avail all the privileges of membership except right to vote,to propose and to contest for election for any post in the branch.

All members of the association shall pay a subscription,payable annually of which the central fund contribution shall be sent. Subscription falls due on 1st of October and any member who does not pay the yearly subscription by 31st march shall lose the membership automatically, but can be re-enrolled as a member on application and paying the arrears and penalty,as decided by the association from time to time.If a member leaves the branch without clearing the dues,the branch where he has gone, the hony. secretory of I.M.A.U.P. state branch will be informed and requested to collect and send the dues.
Association Year

The administration year of the association will be from 1st Oct. of a year to the 30th Sept. of following year. The Financial year for the purpose of accounting and HFC collection will however be from 1st April of a year to 31st March of next year.

Fee and Subscription :The members of the association shall pay admission fee, re-admission fee, and membership subscription as provided in the rules and byelaws of the association at such rates as the association may fix from time to time.

All the branch members in good standing shall have the right to enjoy the privileges of membership of the branch within the jurisdiction of IMA,MORADABAD, they may happen to reside or practice or be employed for the time being. All members shall have the right to attend and take part in discussion, at all general and clinical meetings, lectures and demonstrations organized by the association . All members shall have the right to attend medical conference organized by the association on such terms as laid down in the Bye-laws. All members shall enjoy any other privileges that may hereinafter be conferred by the association. All privileges of membership shall automatically cease on termination of membership.


The association IMA Moradabad branch will consist of general house and executive committee.

General house: It is a supreme body for all decisions in the welfare of the will consist of all life members, ordinary members and honorary members of local branch.It can change,alter,rectify,or amend any of executive committee decisions in the interest of the association.The decision of the general house can not be challenged or reviewed at any other forum other than the general house.At least 2/3rd of the members move a motion of review to the president.

Executive committee: the general control,management and direction of the policy and affairs of the association shall be vested in a body styled as the executive committee.