Privileges of Membership

Dear members,

TODAY, MEDICAL FRATERNITY in INDIA is facing lots of challenges and difficult time due to upcoming stringent laws enforced on us by government in the form of CPA, ESI, CEA, etc. Hence it is a time for us to unite and make our association stronger and stronger by increasing our members. This year, national IMA and state IMA has reduced their H.F.C. and life- membership fees so as all non-members & ordinary members/doctors can avail facility of discounted rate by joining or converting their membership to life membership.

This is our humble request to you to join life membership of IMA, if you are ordinary member as it will provide you many benefits and privileges as discussed below. We also appeal to you to make new members as many as possible so as it may bring strength to our branch.

Why Become an IMA LIFE MEMBER?

I.M.A is the only recognized body which represents problems and need of the medical faculty to the Government and society.

I.M.A, conducts CME Programmes, Seminars, Conferences, etc. which helps to update your knowledge. The Government has already planned 60 hours compulsory education in 5 years, for renewal of Medical Council registration.

National Social Security Scheme of I.M.A has advantage of having low premium rate over L.I.C. of India. Indian Medical Association life membership is mandatory.

Being a life member of I.M.A gives you privilege in processing of Bank loans discount on car purchase and other projects.

I.M.A members receive a Journal “J I.M.A” from head Quarters with latest updates in medical field and a journal from state IMA.

Being a life member of I.M.A. gives you privilege to join I.M.A.-A.M.S chapter. & I.M.A.-C.G.P. sub-faculty of Moradabad branch and life member of national I.M.A.-AMS & I.M.A.-CGP faculty for academic update and also to get post graduate diplomas and degrees and fellowships.

Being a life member of I.M.A. gives you privilege to hold offices at branch, state and national I.M.A. and also to get rights to cast vote at state and national/HQ I.M.A.

Being a life member of I.M.A. gives you privilege to avail facilities at IMA HOUSES/GUEST ROOMS at very low rates in most of the major cities in India.

So, hurry to get these privileges and opportunities.Also provide your membership fees earliest possible, preferably by the end of November so as our branch can run smoothly.

With kind regards,
Dr (Mrs) Archana Agarwal
Dr (Mrs) Babita gupta
Hony. Secretary